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“How To” Pitch Effectively: with Baseball Hall of Famer Tom Glavine

In the next edition of our Pro Tips series, I sat down with former NL CY Young award winner Tom Glavine to discuss all things pitching. 

Tom Glavine as a Met (Courtesy of


Tom Glavine was known for hitting his spots and getting batters out.  He didn’t have the power fastball of Randy Johnson or the disappearing splitter of Roger Clemens.  One thing Tom Glavine did have was a smart baseball mind. 


“My out pitch was my change up, however I had to establish my fastball in order for that to work, even though I don’t throw hard” Glavine said.  Tom’s career fastball velocity was 84.9 miles per hour.  He relied on his wit and ability to outthink his opponents in order to win ballgames.


For a pitcher who made a living off control, Tom had to have an amazing work ethic.  He told me some drills he to practice his control:


“I suggest practicing to portions of the plate, outer and inner halves, then 1/3’s then corners, establish 1/2’s first then move on to a new pitch.  In terms of exercise; Throw and run, keep your… Continue reading

Baseball Card Generations: Mickey Mantle Edition

Baseball Card Generations is a series of fictional stories that chronicle Grandpa John and his grandchildren Howard and Victoria. John was a security guard for the Yankees in the 1960’s and shares his love of baseball with his grand kids through baseball cards.

We join Grandpa John along with his grandchildren Howard and Victoria in Land high Lakes for another edition of Baseball Card Generations.

It was a beautiful, sunny day at Land High Lakes.  The sun shined brightly in the sky and temperature was perfect to go outside and play some baseball.  In fact Howard and Victoria are doing just that.  Today is Opening Day for Howard and Victoria’s little league team and the kids were getting ready to head to the field. 

Mickey Mantle Topps 1952 baseball card (Courtesy of

Grandpa John walked in to see his grandchildren dressed, but with looks of doubt all over their faces. 

“What’s wrong with you kids?” asked Grandpa John.  “It’s opening day! You should be happy and excited for the start of a new season.”

Howard and Victoria both looked at the ground and then up at Grandpa John.  Then at the same… Continue reading

Swing for the Fences (Rob Semple, Contest Winner)

(Publisher’s Note: This article was written by Rob Semple of Ronkonkoma, NY.  He is the winner of Long Island Baseball Magazine’s Spring 2013 writing contest.  Congrats to Rob and the other competitors on a job well done!) 

As a diehard Yankee fan, I’ve been blessed with a lifetime of exhilarating baseball, yet for me, no professional baseball memory compares to what happened in the summer of 1982, down at cozy Hallock Park in Patchogue, N.Y., when I was a twelve year-old little-leaguer. 

Rob Semple is a “diehard yankee fan!” (Courtesy of

With two outs in the bottom of the sixth inning of a late-season game, a man on first, and the score tied at 12, I stepped into the batter’s box and the umpire, on account of darkness, promptly declared, “Last batter.” My father, also the coach, immediately waved me towards him, and thoroughly understanding the situation, whispered forcefully, “Swing for the fences,” before nudging me back to the plate.

To that point, I’d never hit a home-run in organized baseball (and would finish my career with two), but after the first pitch skidded in the dirt, I swung at the second with everything… Continue reading

Thoughts and Prayers for North Vallejo Little League

 Normally Long Island Baseball Magazine does not mention outside baseball issues that don’t effect Long Island in any way. However we would like to extend our thoughts and prayers to the North Vallejo Little League program in California.


North Vallejo Little League Logo (Courtesy of

There was a shooting involved between parents of the children playing in the league. Police are currently looking for one of the parents for questioning.


North Vallejo Little League Vice President Calvin Wells has decided to cancel the rest of the season for the safety of the players. The suspect is still at large and has he put it it’s better to lose a season than a child.”


Adult issues should never get in the way of children playing the game they love. The North Vallejo Little League program has been a main stay in California Little League for forty-nine years. Long Island Baseball Magazine would like to extend our thoughts and prayers to the North Vallejo Little League program. We hope the children will safely be able to get back on the field soon!

Thoughts and Prayers for Boston

Long Island Baseball Magazine would like to extend all of our thoughts and prayers to the victims and causalities from the Boston Marathon today.  While this magazine is based out of Long Island, New York; we are all one people in this world! We send our thoughts and prayers to the people of Boston.  

This will be a difficult time for Boston and the United States.  Please remember that when life gives you a curveball, hit it out of the park.  Stay safe!!!

Boston: Proud and Strong (Courtesy of

Long Island Baseball Magazine: Spring 2013 Writing Contest

Long Island Baseball Magazine is sponsoring another writing contest! This time the contest will have two winners… A children division (Ages 18 and under) and an adult’s division (Ages 19 and over). 

Long Island Baseball Magazine logo



The theme of the contest is baseball history. In an article of at least 250 words, tell us your favorite moment in baseball history and why it is your favorite moment. The moment can be from a Major League game or a little league game. Any baseball moment is a part of baseball history! The winners will have their articles posted on Long Island Baseball Magazine’s website and be featured in our print edition of the magazine for the Summer 2013 issue. Winners will also receive a copy of the print publication once released.


This is a great chance for writers to get their work out and have some fun while doing it! Long Island Baseball Magazine currently gathers views from all around the world! Anyone in the world is eligible to enter the contest, but the article must be in English!


To submit your article, please email me at In the body of your email, please… Continue reading

The Future is Now: 2012 Long Island Baseball Magazine Awards Ceremony

Baseball defines each and every generation differently. The way Ty Cobb played the game differed from the way Ted Williams played the game.  Walter Johnson had to pitch under different circumstances than Randy Johnson. Each generation of player will bring something new to the great game of baseball.

On Saturday December 22nd, a new generation of baseball players began their journey. The top 100 high school senior baseball players from Nassau and Suffolk Counties on Long Island, NY gathered in Old Bethpage to receive an award that symbolized not the end of their careers, but the first day of the rest of their lives.  The Long Island Baseball Magazine Top 100 award is a rare achievement.  Players were chosen not only because they are the best that Long Island baseball has to offer, but because they have great potential as people.  The awards’ ceremony was designed to reward these young men for a job well done so far, but a reminder that their lives have only just begun.

The awards’ ceremony started with a catered lunch of the best baseball food known to man. There were New York style hot dogs, peanuts, crackerjacks,… Continue reading

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