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Baseball Card Generations: Mickey Mantle Edition

Baseball Card Generations is a series of fictional stories that chronicle Grandpa John and his grandchildren Howard and Victoria. John was a security guard for the Yankees in the 1960’s and shares his love of baseball with his grand kids through baseball cards.

We join Grandpa John along with his grandchildren Howard and Victoria in Land high Lakes for another edition of Baseball Card Generations.

It was a beautiful, sunny day at Land High Lakes.  The sun shined brightly in the sky and temperature was perfect to go outside and play some baseball.  In fact Howard and Victoria are doing just that.  Today is Opening Day for Howard and Victoria’s little league team and the kids were getting ready to head to the field. 

Mickey Mantle Topps 1952 baseball card (Courtesy of

Grandpa John walked in to see his grandchildren dressed, but with looks of doubt all over their faces. 

“What’s wrong with you kids?” asked Grandpa John.  “It’s opening day! You should be happy and excited for the start of a new season.”

Howard and Victoria both looked at the ground and then up at Grandpa John.  Then at the same… Continue reading

How to treat an Umpire

 Umpires are the policemen of baseball. Their purpose is to enforce the rules of the game and keep all matters of the game fair. However they are aren’t perfect and sometimes you’ll encounter an umpire who has a wicked temper or hot streak.


An Umpire (Courtesy of

County Baseball Publications founder Joseph Nardini has been an umpire for many years. Joe is not a quick tempered umpire by any means. He allows the game to maintain it’s natural flow. I’ve learned many approaches from Joe when it comes to dealing with umpires. Here are some of the do’s and don’t of handling umpires….


DO: SHOW RESPECT Umpires are students of the game and try hard not to screw up calls. It’s their job to get calls right. Sometimes they will miss the calls and it can get frustrating. However whining and complaining about it to the umpire’s face is not going to change anything. There is no instant replay in high school baseball. The call will stand as is. Managers should show respect towards these men and women who are just doing their jobs.


DO: START A CONVERSATION; NOT A CONFRONTATION Umpires are not impersonal… Continue reading

Swing for the Fences (Rob Semple, Contest Winner)

(Publisher’s Note: This article was written by Rob Semple of Ronkonkoma, NY.  He is the winner of Long Island Baseball Magazine’s Spring 2013 writing contest.  Congrats to Rob and the other competitors on a job well done!) 

As a diehard Yankee fan, I’ve been blessed with a lifetime of exhilarating baseball, yet for me, no professional baseball memory compares to what happened in the summer of 1982, down at cozy Hallock Park in Patchogue, N.Y., when I was a twelve year-old little-leaguer. 

Rob Semple is a “diehard yankee fan!” (Courtesy of

With two outs in the bottom of the sixth inning of a late-season game, a man on first, and the score tied at 12, I stepped into the batter’s box and the umpire, on account of darkness, promptly declared, “Last batter.” My father, also the coach, immediately waved me towards him, and thoroughly understanding the situation, whispered forcefully, “Swing for the fences,” before nudging me back to the plate.

To that point, I’d never hit a home-run in organized baseball (and would finish my career with two), but after the first pitch skidded in the dirt, I swung at the second with everything… Continue reading

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