Pinstripe Mania: From the Internet to the Yankees and Beyond!

Pinstripe Mania is the Facebook home of the greatest Yankee family in the world. Yes you read that right; family. Just ask Beth Cocca, the group’s founder and lead administrator.

Pinstripe Mania Logo (Courtesy of Pinstripe Mania)

Pinstripe Mania Logo (Courtesy of Pinstripe Mania)

“Our group is made to have that family feel,” said Cocca. “We are all kind and respectful of one another and we all share one common love; the New York Yankees.”

Pinstripe Mania is the only 24/7 facebook group dedicated to the New York Yankees. It was created in May 2012 after another prior Yankees’ page disappeared. Cocca, an administrator from the prior group, wanted fans and friend to have a group that they could call home. Thus Pinstripe Mania was born.

“Our group separates itself from any other,” stated Cocca. Each day, our administration posts birthdays of group members, thoughts and prayer wishes, anniversary notices, as well as trivia contests, and other messages. I have the help of 15 wonderful administrators who work hard to make our clubhouse the best it can be!”

Members post all types of content on the facebook page. For instance, Tom Schmidt of the groups always posts pictures of unique baseball memorabilia. Schmidt knows a few Yankees’ legends and has charitably donated autographs for Pinstripe Mania contests.

Kelly, who calls herself “a Yankee girl for life,” often posts information and facts of different Yankees’ legends. She’ll frequently post Happy Birthday messages each day for former and current Yankees; living and deceased.

Pinstripe Mania holds two distinct events which separates themselves from any other group; Roll Call and Maniac Day.

Roll Call is a special event that takes place during every Yankee game. Members of the group will gather online to watch the games in unison. During role calls, one member (depending on the day) will give the play-by-play of the game, typing each pitch into the facebook message board. Another member will then type out the names of each Maniac in attendance online and give them a special shout out!

“We encourage all members to partake in the Roll Call,” said Cocca. “The Roll call unites the group as a family and allows us all to communicate with one another.”

A message from the Yankees to the Maniacs on Maniac Day 2013 (Courtesy of Pinstripe Mania)

A message from the Yankees to the Maniacs on Maniac Day 2013 (Courtesy of Pinstripe Mania)

The other event, Maniac Day, was started last season. Maniacs (which the group affectionately refers themselves as) will gather from across the country to attend a game at Yankee Stadium. This allows the group members to meet each other in real life and enjoy their love of baseball and the Yankees together.

Famous Yankees and fans have also joined the group, including former Yankees shortstop Bucky Dent and outfielder Mickey Rivers as well as head bleacher creature, Vinny Milano. However any fan is welcome to join the group. The group is listed as a “secret group” on facebook. Those who wish to join may go to the link and request permission. Beth, as well as the other Maniacs, look forward to hearing from you!

“ We are the best Yankees group on Facebook,” stated Cocca. “It’s because we aren’t just a group. We are a family!”

Long Island Baseball Magazine thanks Mrs. Cocca for her time in the interview process. We wish her and the rest of the Maniacs a great 2014 season and hope the group become stronger than ever!

2 Responses to Pinstripe Mania: From the Internet to the Yankees and Beyond!

  • Ray says:

    I joined Pinstripe Mania in the summer of 2012 through a mutual friend of mine and fellow diehard Yankees Fan “Manny” online. He said hey Ray, you have to check out this group. They post great photos, stories and quizzes that can win you prizes, and also do a Roll Call with up to date play by play while the members cheer for the Yankees. From the moment I joined the group I knew that this wasn’t your typical Fan Forum like those that are usually packed with Trolls and Spammers. NOT here. This is the real deal! It’s been a great place to visit during the baseball season as well as the off season. I have even had the pleasure to meet in person several of the elite members/administrators of the group when they visited my hometown of Las Vegas. Thank you Manny, and thank you Pinstripe Mania for welcoming me as part of our Yankee Family!

  • Diane says:

    i am proud to be part of Pinstripe Mania on FB…….it is a great site to be part of, all yankees, all the time……….we do share birthdays, engagements, weddings, get well prayers, and death notices of our members, we are all 1 Yankee group, after attending last years Maniac Day, we have met “in person” so many members….it is truely an extended family…..Come join us :)

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