Coaches’ Select Top 100 High School Seniors

Long Island Baseball Magazine Top 100

LIB’s Coaches’ Select Top 100 features the top senior players in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, as determined by their high school head coaches. Each player received an award at LIB’s first-ever annual awards ceremony held in December 2012, and each player will have a scheduled, webcast interview on BlogTalk Radio. Make sure to see all our articles about youth baseball on, and contact us with your questions and comments!


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    • jnardini says:

      Thank you for your comment. To clarify, the Top 100 were selected by their high school coaches. LIB Magazine invited high school coaches in Suffolk and Nassau Counties to select their top two (2) senior ball players to received recognition at the Top 100 event that LIB Magazine conducted last December. If a player does not appear in the list, it’s strictly because his coach did not select him or because he was not a senior at the time of the coach’s selection. – LIB Magazine

  • Joe says:

    It’s unfortunate that some High Coaches don’t answer requests from local publication, Websites & Other News venues to discuss some of the outstanding players on Varsity. Long Island has gotten very strong in producing outstanding Baseball players over the past few years. It’s nice to see a publication/Website like Long Island Baseball Magazine keeping the H.S Baseball fans of L.I informed

    • jnardini says:

      Hello Mrs. Ziegen! Thank you for your comment and your inquiry. By now we hope that you have seen Thomas’ picture and baseball information alongside his picture. Please rest assured that all of us here at Long Island Baseball Magazine (LIB) have made every effort to fairly identify and accurately feature every player whom their coaches named as the Top 100 High School Seniors for 2013, including, of course, Thomas. It was LIB’s pleasure to organize and present individual player awards at the first annual Coaches’ Select Top 100 High Seniors’ Award Ceremony this past December. We took great pride in honoring all the players selected by their coaches, and we are glad that Thomas was among them. LIB thanks you and all the families, players, and coaches who participated in and supported the Awards Ceremony through their attendance.
      The Staff of Long Island Baseball Magazine

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