Bergenfield Bears 2015: Ricardo Suero

One of the time-honored truths of baseball is that, unlike other sports, it empowers the weak and humbles the strong. In that regard baseball is an equal opportunity sport: players of every size, shape and physical stature may achieve the same levels of success, provided they work hard enough to attain it.

David Ortiz (Courtesy of

David Ortiz (Courtesy of

The Bears’ Ricardo Suero recognizes the inclusiveness of baseball. He likes playing the game because, “It’s a very fun sport and I love how it includes everyone and anyone.” If that sounds like a heavy insight for a 12 year-old, consider that in the eyes of young athletes, having a teammate on the field – or on the court or on the track, for that matter – requires only that they have the desire and the ability to play. Kids do not stipulate artificial boundaries and criteria; adults can learn a lot from that.

Carlos Beltran (Courtesy of

Carlos Beltran (Courtesy of

The 5 foot, 100 lb. P-2B names David Ortiz, Carlos Beltran, and Jose Reyes as his favorite professional players “because to me they are the best in the MLB.” His MLB idols have important roles on their respective team rosters; Ricardo has an equally important role on his teams. His “12 team and individual trophies and 6 game balls” are testimony to that fact.

Along with his Bergenfield Little League regular season and district level tournaments, Ricardo has played in the Northeast Bergen All-Stars and the Cooperstown Baseball World tournaments. “I get to see different places and see how good other players are.” Well, they get to see how good Ricardo is too. Local rival Ridgefield Park got to see how good he was the day he hit a grand slam against them.

Jose Reyes (Courtesy of

Jose Reyes (Courtesy of

He states two personal goals as a ball player – “to get better each year and to become a MLB player.” As an all-star playing on tournament-bound teams, he will get more than his share of opportunities to accomplish those two goals. Along the way it will be easy, despite his size, to spot him: “I wear #15 and baseball is my life.”

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