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Nakeem Grant, November 25, 2015

Debra Reed: Doing it Right, Giving the Right Memories Anyone who has played the board game Monopoly learns quickly how to recognize when Opportunity Knocks. Six months after graduating from college, Debra Sirianni found herself in the right place at the right time. At the time she had her sights set on a career in the FBI, but a family friend told her about a new venture in youth baseball that ...
The Yogi Berra Museum and Learning Center

Joe Nardini, October 18, 2015

It’ll Never Be Over, Yogi, Because You’ll Live in Our Hearts Forever!! ------------------------- In tribute to Yogi Berra, we reprint the following article which first posted on the NJ Baseball website in 2011 The Yogi Berra Museum has been host to many historic figures in baseball since the doors opened in 1998. With an average of 25,000 visitors a year the museum has become a uniq...
Yankees Legend, Yogi Berra Passes Away at the age of 90

Nakeem Grant, September 23, 2015

Today, the baseball world says farewell to New York Yankees legend, Yogi Berra who passed away late Tuesday night due to natural causes at the age of 90. Coincidentally, he passed away on the same day that he made his MLB debut 69 year ago. Yogi played catcher for the Yankees for 18 seasons and he amassed a litany of accolades during his magnificent career: 3x American League MVP, 18x All-Star and...
Tanner Klein, Slammers Gonzalez 2015

Joe Nardini, August 31, 2015

When, about 1,500 years ago, Chinese philosopher Confucius advised people to “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life,” he could not have had Tanner Klein of the Slammers youth baseball travel team in mind. Then again, knowing Tanner’s love of baseball, perhaps the great philosopher foresaw more than he let on at the time. To be sure, the present day ...

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Julian Hammond, Slammers Gonzalez 2015

Joe Nardini, August 31, 2015

Julian Hammond does not mince words. When it comes to playing baseball he explains his reasons straightforwardly and comes right to the point. “I like playing because it’s fun and I’m successful at it.” Any questions? No one would argue Julian’s point, not unless they would also question why he names Carlos Gonzalez and Clayton Kershaw as his favorite MLB players. “I like Ca...
Joshua Miller, Slammers Gonzalez 2015

Joe Nardini, August 31, 2015

When a game is on the line the clutch players always want the responsibility placed on them. Reggie Jackson, ‘Mr. October,’ hit postseason home runs – 3 in 3 at-bats on 3 pitches – when his team needed them most. Michael ‘Air’ Jordan defied gravity in more ways than his fans, his teammates, and his opponents, could imagine, when his Chicago Bulls won 5 NBA championships in 5 years. Whe...
Jake Matheson, Slammers Gonzalez 2015

Joe Nardini, August 31, 2015

You can always tell the people who love what they do from the people who just punch a clock. They’re the ones who show up first in the morning and leave last at night. They’re the ones who put in the extra time to do and redo the assigned task in order to get it right. They’re the ones with the fire in the belly, the will to endure hardship, and the capacity to recover from mistakes. They’...
Easton Nichols, Slammers Gonzalez 2015

Joe Nardini, August 31, 2015

Easton Nichols is a work in progress. When you ask the 5’3” 118 lb. P-1B-OF to name his favorite professional players and explain why they are his favorites, he will tell you that they all “went through a tough time when they were in the dumps and now they are greats!” Among them he includes Yasiel Puig, David Ortiz, Babe Ruth, Nolan Ryan and Orel Hershiser. Because he appreciates how thos...

Personal 1 Fitness

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DJ Burrage, Slammers Gonzalez 2015

Joe Nardini, August 31, 2015

Reggie Jackson became famous for saying, “It ain’t bragging if you can back it up.” With an MLB career batting average of .262 to go with 563 home runs and over 1,702 RBIs, who’s to argue the point? He earned his nickname of “Mr. October,” by consistently performing in the clutch during postseason. Witness a .278 average, with 18 home runs and 48 RBIs during fall ball. DJ Burrag...
Campbell McHarg, Slammers Gonzalez 2015

Joe Nardini, August 31, 2015

There’s possibly no greater entertainment in sports than watching a star player having fun doing what he or she does best. Manny Sanguillen comes to mind in baseball, as do Terry Bradshaw in football, Martina Natrilova in tennis, and Jesse Ventura in wrestling. For the Slammers youth travel baseball team several players might compete for that title, but Campbell McHarg takes the honors. T...
Alek Alges, Slammers Gonzalez 2015

Joe Nardini, August 31, 2015

Many fans will recall the Bugs Bunny cartoon spoof of Ernest Thayer’s legendry poem, Casey at the Bat. The cartoon version depicted Bugs alternating from pitcher to catcher on each pitch, befuddling and infuriating the grizzled, grim batter, who suffered the same fate as his poetic pseudonym. Unlike the infamous Bugs, Alek Alges does not attempt to play more than one position on each pitch, but ...
Zacherly Radigan, Slammers Gonzalez 2015

Joe Nardini, August 31, 2015

If it’s good to have friends in high places, the Slammers’ versatile P-C-2B-3B-OF Zacherly Radigan would no doubt find himself in good shape all around. Of the professional players he names as his favorites, Mike Trout, Matt Harvey, and Will Venable, he explains that, “Will Venable is my friend.” Zacherly holds all three in high esteem because, “I look up to them to learn the game.” He...

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With more than 30 years of experience in the field, Lettire Construction Corporation is well-known in New York City’s multi-family housing sector. In its early years, Lettire Construction developed a strong reputation for doing elegant interior renovations in restaurants and high-scale residences, but has since evolved into a well-rounded organization with a solid record of experience in both market rate oriented and mixed-income housing. Along the way, Lettire Construction has built strong relationships with leaders all through the industry – private and not-for-profit developers, financial institutions, government agencies, design and engineering professionals, as well as the whole range of subcontractors and suppliers.

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Lettire Construction has become active in the movement, spearheaded both by the City and the private sector, to increase the supply of mixed-income and affordable housing in the five boroughs. Nicholas Lettire and Gerard Lettire co-founded Lettire Construction in 1979. They believe in a “hands-on” approach to construction, which must be applied equally to very high-end interior residential work as well as to institutional supportive housing projects.

Traevin Osborn, Slammers Gonzalez 2015

Joe Nardini, August 31, 2015

Keeping it simple makes Traevin Osborn a valuable player for his Slammers. The 5’1” 82 pounder pitches and plays outfield for his youth travel team and does not mince words explaining why he enjoys playing baseball, “It’s fun!”Being good at what you do in life helps to make it fun; Traevin’s 2014 “batting average of .678” will attest to that. Having an MLB hero helps too. Witho...
Trey James Dunn, Slammers Gonzalez 2015

Joe Nardini, August 31, 2015

We often hear that the apple does not fall far from the tree. If true, it says all we need to know about the Slammers’ SS-P Trey James Dunn. Although he loves “the competition of baseball,” he maintains his focus on “the individual talent that is needed by each player” in order to compete. Trey puts his skills on display every time he takes the field, especially in every tournament hi...
Christian Schaumburg, Slammers Gonzalez 2015

Joe Nardini, August 30, 2015

Some people cannot get enough of a good thing. To a young player like Christian Schaumburg, you just cannot get enough baseball. He likes playing baseball “because it’s fun (and) I like the challenge.” For the 5’1” 96 lb. OF-P, the fun part comes as easily as it does for any 12 year-old. Unlike many in his age level, though, the challenge part comes almost as easily. Natural talent speak...
Ty Chapman, Colorado Aces 2015

Joe Nardini, August 30, 2015

Whoever said, “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right,” must have had player Ty Chapman in mind. What else would you expect from a young player who has already achieved recognition as one of the best players in his Babe Ruth League? What else would you expect from a young player whose stated goals include “to be a leader and a role model who is respectful and puts 110% into every...

Ross and AssociatesRoss and Associates

We are Licensed General Contractor in New York City

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Ross and AssociatesWe do Residential and Commercial renovations, Interior Work and Ground Up Construction Projects.

In 2000, James Ross established Ross & Associates LLC. , Formerly a senior executive of several major NYC-based construction firms, including most notably HRH Construction Corporation and NAB Interiors. At the two aforementioned companies, Mr. Ross served in the capacity of Senior Vice President at both companies and effectively ran day-to day operations.

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370 Seventh Avenue, Suite 1604
New York, NY 10001

Ryan Gunning, Colorado Aces 2015

Joe Nardini, August 30, 2015

Star players always have their respective fan following, however everyone admires the unselfish, quiet leaders who are students of the game. Bob Gibson and Stan Musial come immediately to mind, when they pitched and played left field respectively for the St. Louis Cardinals. No pitcher ever dissected opposing batters as effectively as Gibson, whose penetrating gaze from the mound could make an oak...
Kolton Miller, Colorado Aces 2015

Joe Nardini, August 30, 2015

Casey Stengel, the revered “Old Professor” of the New York Yankees, once said of reliable second baseman Bobby Richardson, “I wish I had nine of him, you just wind him up in April and in October he comes back with a pennant.” Most managers would agree with that assessment of any player who thinks only of his team and how he or she contributes to its success. Kolton Miller is that kind o...
Brady Ingalls, Colorado Aces 2015

Joe Nardini, August 30, 2015

If hard work defines the man, word searching the term on the internet will produce a photo of Brady Ingalls. Brady represents the best of youth baseball in that he truly believes in the power and the reward of a superior work ethic. The 5’4” 115 lb. athlete’s work ethic makes him a valuable asset to his Aces team because it enables him to play any one of four positions, C-P-1B-3B with equal...
Cale Lansville, Colorado Aces 2015

Joe Nardini, August 29, 2015

Every once in a while someone in youth sports gets it. We mean of course that preparing kids for life forms the essential purpose of youth sports. Sometimes a parent will surprise you by encouraging a son or a daughter to play fair and show sportsmanship to an opponent. Occasionally we will see a coach teach his or her players to show respect for the other team, which just lost by a big score. Eve...

Dooley Deremer Orr Arkin Agency

The Dooley Deremer Orr Agency was formed, and located at 350 Old Country Road, in the heart of Garden City. Here they have access to 15 insurance companies to service the auto, home, business, and life insurance needs of families and businesses throughout the tri-state area.

Dooley Deremer Orr Arkin Agency

350 Old Country Road, Garden City, NY 11530


Tony Castonquay, Colorado Aces 2015

Joe Nardini, August 29, 2015

Whoever said that hard work and passion form the ingredients of which baseball legends are made must have known that Tony Castonquay would someday make his mark on the game. If the C-OF-3rd baseman for the Colorado Aces could predict the future, he would arrive in the hallowed halls of Cooperstown before you finish reading this article about him. He unabashedly explains that he likes playing baseb...
T. J. Rheem, Colorado Aces 2015

Joe Nardini, August 29, 2015

Everyone knows the expression “A Chip off the Old Block.” In T.J. Rheem’s case, the reference pertains to hard work and hustle. His Dad, Walker Rheem, did not ascend to the rank of Vice President of Sales in his company without hard word and determination. That lesson has not escaped the young P-3B. It did not escape Derek Jeter, Nolan Arenado and Albert Pujols, his favorite professional ...
Radek Birkholz, Colorado Aces 2015

Joe Nardini, August 29, 2015

On most teams you will see the strongest arms playing shortstop, 3rd base and pitcher. Radek Birkholz plays those three positions for the Colorado Aces. At 5’2” and 120 lbs., Radek Birkholz plays a power game, and he brought that with him to Cooperstown Dreams Park (CDP). It should not surprise anyone then to know that he names Clayton Kershaw and Giancarlo Stanton as his favorite professio...
Logan Carlisle, Colorado Aces 2015

Joe Nardini, August 29, 2015

Among the life lessons that youth sports teaches, knowing where you want to go in life and having the confidence to get there rank pretty high. Logan Carlisle, OF-3B-P for the Colorado Aces, has a clear set of goals that he wants to attain. Without a second thought, he tells you that he wants “to become a professional ball player, to pitch a no-hitter, and lead the league in least amount of erro...

Leeding Builders Group

Leeding Builders Group LLC is a company founded on tradition, and experience, and prides itself on the organization it has established. Since its inception, Leeding Builders Group has been successful because of its company structure, and ability to provide a large range of services in Development, General Contracting, Construction Management & Consulting. They are able to provide the client with the large construction company know-how, with small company personal service.

260 Madison Avenue, 8th Floor
New York, NY 10016


Yogi Berra Museum & Learning Center
on the Montclair State University Campus

Yogi Berra Museum & Learning Center

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